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Among the charges facing former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his right-hand man Richard Gates is failing to register as agents of a foreign government, and making false and misleading statements about that. The grand jury indictment unsealed Monday accuses the men of working on behalf of Ukraine and telling the Justice Department their activities "did not include meetings or outreach within the U.S."

Those charges are controversial, in part because violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act are rarely enforced. Kevin Downing, a lawyer for Manafort, told reporters outside the courthouse that prosecutors have used that "very novel" charge only six times since 1966, winning just one conviction.

On Capitol Hill, however, Senate Republican Charles Grassley of Iowa offered praise for that approach: "It's good to see the Justice Department taking seriously its responsibility to enforce" the law, Grassley said in a written statement.

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On this day 500 years ago, an obscure Saxon monk launched a protest movement against the Catholic Church that would transform Europe. Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation changed not just the way Europeans lived, fought, worshiped, worked and created art, but also how they ate and drank. For among the things it impacted was a drink beloved throughout the world and especially in Luther's native Germany: beer.

The change in beer production was wrought by the pale green conical flower of a wildly prolific plant: hops.

Every hip craft brewery today peddling expensive hoppy beers owes a debt of gratitude to Luther and his followers for promoting the use of hops as an act of rebellion against the Catholic Church. But why did Protestants decide to embrace this pretty flower, and what did it have to do with religious rebellion?


Navigating UMass


Your University contact is the Human Resources Office: Most of the payroll information you might need is available through your online “HR Direct” account, accessible through the HR website. 

Your Union is the Graduate Employees Union: Before going to the main union office with employment concerns, you can contact the EGSO union steward. 


The administrative stuff you have to do as a teacher mostly gets done on SPIRE. (The login page is here: You can get class rosters, generate class e-mail lists, submit grades, etc. If your class is using Moodle (or any other online system), training is available from OIT. Watch your e-mail for announcements of upcoming trainings or check their website for a schedule: can also often accommodate special requests for a group training, so if you find a group of fellow TAs who all want help with the same technology topic, call the office and ask. They're very friendly. 

The Center for Teaching and Faculty Development offers some resources and support: They ran the TA orientation you attended when you started. If you wish to dedicate a lot of thought to teaching and want some guidance and wish to document the process, you can ask about the Teaching Documentation Program. It is a flexible, self-scheduled program that helps you develop a teaching philosophy and do some skill-building. 

Using technology in the classroom

Most classrooms have audiovisual equipment installed. The following file lists classrooms and the A/V equipment (CIP IT) available as of 3/14/12:

How to Use the Equipment
Step 1: Request a key to the AV cabinet by completing this web-based Key Request Form at:
You will be sent an email when your key is ready for pickup at the reception desk in the Office of the provost, 362 Whitmore. Bring your campus ID (or driver’s license) when picking it up.
Step 2: Print and read the two-page instruction sheet at: 

Call 545-5768 if you have any questions or to schedule a demonstration of auditorium equipment.

If the classroom does not have a data projector or if you wish to use other equipment such as a dvd/tv, you can arrange for Academic Instructional Media Services (AIMS) to deliver one to your classroom for every class or on a one-time basis. In addition to equipment delivery, AIMS also provides technical support and consultation services for faculty and staff using classrooms and auditoriums on campus.
Equipment Available
- Portable Video/Data Projectors
- VCR/TV Combos
- DVD/TV Combos
- Conventional AV Equipment including: slide projectors, 16mm projectors, overhead projectors, portable PA systems, and much more For questions, scheduling, or delivery, contact:
Rick Guerdon
Phone: 413-545-5765


Classroom resources available from Chris Evans

Chris can supply you with codes for the copier – both a personal code for your own studies, and a code associated with you TA sections. She can also supply you with chalk, note cards, and perhaps some other office supplies to use for the classes you teach. 

Advising resources for your students

The Undergraduate Advising Office in Goodell 613, and online at can help students choose their courses and majors. 

Your students can learn about major requirements and whether economics is the right discipline from the department's undergraduate academic advising. Some information is on the department's webpage here: and students can make an appointment with an advisor here: 

Econ Majors should sign up for Econ 197M, a 0-credit Moodle course that is used by Kevin Crocker to disseminate useful information for Econ Majors. 

Peer Advisors can help with course selection, major and minor requirements, as well as offering some insight on certificate programs that work well with an Economics degree. Peer Advisors are in Room 1036 Thompson Hall. Fall 2012 Schedule To Be Announced at 


Academic resources for your students

Undergraduate tutors can provide additional resources to students in most Econ courses. The schedule for Econ Tutoring at the Learning Resource Center (on the 10th floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library) is available here: 

The Writing Center provides students with 45-minute consultations on papers they write for classes. They can learn more about the Writing Center and make an appointment here:



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